Which personal alert device is best for my needs?

May 11, 2023

Silvertree Reach on a desk
We understand the importance of finding the right product to help you, or your loved one, live independently with confidence. To support your research, we want to provide insight into how the Silvertree Reach matches up against other options in the market.
Our product has been intentionally designed to balance style, simplicity, wellness and safety, while fitting seamlessly into your life. Silvertree has lined ourselves up against competitors in the Wristband and Neck Pendant category, to help simplify your search.

How do we line up against other Wristband competitors?

Man with Silvertree Reach
While traditional medical alert systems are becoming more popularized in wristband form, only the Silvertree Reach can keep you free from a battery charger for up to 14 days and offer fall detection. The Silvertree Reach easily fits your lifestyle by balancing the right features within a simple, discrete, wrist-worn wearable that can go with you anywhere, without financial or feature compromise.

How do we line up against Neck Pendant competitors?

Man with Silvertree Reach
Neck pendants are the visual staple of the traditional medical alert industry; but the Silvertree Reach has reimagined how to obtain the same performance with a modern, discrete form. Both the Silvertree Reach and traditional, lanyard-worn medical alert systems offer the same suite of features and performance. But if you compare our system to theirs, you'll find that Silvertree has no hidden fees and offers 3-4x the battery life of other rechargeable devices - all, as a discrete wrist-worn device rather than a clunky lanyard that hangs around your neck.
We believe that aging is a privilege, and no one should have to compromise the features they need for the style they want. Our mission is to inspire confidence for all - and we're just getting started.
Still have questions? Reach out to our technical support team at support@silvertree.io.
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