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Silvertree Reach

The safety wearable for older adults.

$149one-time payment + subscription

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  • 24/7 Emergency Call Center

  • Nationwide 4G LTE & GPS Coverage

  • Fall Detection

  • App notifications share emergency alerts with loved ones


One Size Fits All.

The Silvertree Reach comfortably accommodates a wide range of wrist sizes.

On your wrist, the Reach is sleek - comparable to a standard wristwatch and most smartwatches.

Silvertree Reach

Silvertree Reach


Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8


Competitor SOS Smartwatch

Competitor SOS Smartwatch


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See how emergency alerts work

Black Silvertree Reach

1. SOS triggered

A SOS will be triggered with the push of a button or with the detection of a hard fall.

Silvertree Phone App

2. Alert your loved ones

Your Care Team will be notified and have an opportunity to respond. If they cannot respond, the 24/7 Emergency Call Center will be alerted.*

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3. Escalate to Call Center

A Safety Agent from the Emergency Call Center will contact you and work with local emergency services to dispatch help as needed.**

*Fall Detection escalations work the same way as SOS escalations, however Care Teams will have up to five minutes to respond before the alarm is escalated to our 24/7 Emergency Call Center.

**The Silvertree Reach does not support two-way calling. During an emergency, the Safety Agent will call the verified phone number on your Silvertree profile

* The Reach does not detect all falls or detect or prevent injury from falling. To detect a hard fall and send an automatic SOS, it must be charged, worn on your wrist, and setup in the Silvertree app.
** Long battery life means less charging, more time on the go. Battery life varies with use & other factors.