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Silvertree Reach

Silvertree Reach Black
Silvertree Reach Black sitting on a desk
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Silvertree Reach White sitting on a book and desk
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Silvertree Reach

The safety wearable for older adults.

$149one-time payment + subscription

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  • 24/7 Emergency Call Center

  • Nationwide 4G LTE & GPS Coverage

  • Fall Detection

  • App notifications share emergency alerts with loved ones


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In an emergency, get help with the press of a button or the detection of a fall.

Black Silvertree Reach

1. SOS triggered

An SOS will be triggered with the push of a button or with the detection of a fall.

Silvertree Phone App

2. Alert your loved ones

Your Care Team of loved ones will be notified and have an opportunity to respond. If your loved ones cannot respond, the 24/7 Emergency Call Center will be alerted.

Call center icon

3. Escalate to Call Center

A Safety Agent from the Emergency Call Center will contact you and work with local emergency services to dispatch help as needed.

*Fall Detection escalations work the same way as SOS escalations, however Care Teams will have up to five minutes to respond before the alarm is escalated to our 24/7 Emergency Call Center

* The Reach does not detect all falls or detect or prevent injury from falling. To detect a hard fall and send an automatic SOS, it must be charged, worn on your wrist, and setup in the Silvertree app.
** Long battery life means less charging, more time on the go. Battery life varies with use & other factors.