What is Fall Detection?

Fall detection

Each year, more than one out of four older adults — those 65 and older — fall, and many struggle to get up on their own.

Fall detection is a system that uses sensors and algorithms to analyze your movement and automatically detect if you have taken a hard fall, even if you are unable to push your SOS button. When a hard fall is detected, Silvertree will notify your loved ones and emergency services that a fall has been detected so they can take appropriate action.

Unlike other companies, Silvertree does not charge extra for fall detection - it is always included in your subscription.

How does automatic fall detection work?

Barometric Sensor

Barometric Sensor

These sensors can detect very small changes in height, such as the difference between someone standing up or laying down.



These sensors can detect very fine movements, such as the act of someone falling and hitting the ground.

Advanced Algorithms

Advanced Algorithms

These algorithms are the “brains” behind the system. They analyze data in real time and utilize machine learning to distinguish between true falls and false alarms.

What happens when a fall is detected?

Silvertree always recommends pushing the button on the side of the Reach, in case of an emergency. But in the event that you fall and are unable to press the button yourself, the Silvertree Reach is equipped with built-in fall detection.

Black Silvertree Reach

1. Fall is triggered

When a hard fall is detected, your Reach will automatically trigger a SOS alert to your Care Team.

Silvertree Phone App

2. Loved ones are notified

Your Care Team will be notified of your emergency and have an opportunity to respond. If they are unable to respond within 5 minutes, Silvertree automatically escalates your SOS to our 24/7 Emergency Call Center.

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3. Emergency Call Center responds

A Safety Agent will contact you to assess the situation and work with local emergency services to dispatch help as needed.

Fall alarms can always be canceled by the Reach wearer at any time.

The Emergency Call Center will always call you before dispatching local emergency services.

To learn more, visit “how to cancel a SOS” in our help center.

How accurate is fall detection?

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No medical alert device can detect 100% of falls. Fall detection must find a balance so as to not be too sensitive to every-day movement (resulting in false alarms) while still capturing real falls.

The Silvertree Reach is designed to detect motion that resembles a hard fall. If you drop your Reach from an elevated height, move hands quickly then stop suddenly, or participate in certain vigorous sports, the Reach might register a fall.

Combined with our SOS button, we offer fall detection as an important layer of protection to give you peace of mind for times when pressing the button is not an option.

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