Stay connected and in control with the Silvertree app

The Silvertree app is at the center of the Silvertree Reach experience.

Connecting you to loved ones and the Emergency Call Center during an emergency, the complementary Silvertree app is designed to simplify your setup process and streamline getting you help when needed.

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*Available on smartphones and iPads

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Loved one

Monitor your Reach status

The Silvertree app provides real-time device information, including battery readings, location, and connection status.

You can also set up and manage multiple users on your Care Team.

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Get alerts in real time

Stay informed in real time during an emergency. With notifications and the Emergency Event Timeline, quickly locate your loved one, take action, and simplify coordination with other Care Team members

Silvertree app dashboard screenshotSilvertree app dashboard screenshot

Customize your experience

Control which features you want, anytime, with a simple ON/OFF switch. Provide first responders with important medical information by adding it to your profile.

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24/7 Emergency services

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Fall detection

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Emergency ID and medical information

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Track your steps

Achieve your activity goals with step tracking on the Silvertree Reach!

View a real-time summary of your hourly movement and step activity directly in the Silvertree app. Then monitor your progress towards your goals in a day, week, or month view!

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Protect your privacy

With no microphone in the device, you don’t have to worry about unwanted interruptions.

When you need help, our 24/7 Emergency Services will contact you via the phone number on your Silvertree profile.

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Included with your Silvertree subscription

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Stay connected and protected

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