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Welcome to Silvertree

October 19, 2022

woman playing piano

We’re so happy you’re here.

Growing older can be challenging. Not just for those living it, but for their loved ones as well. Aging is a journey for all of those involved. But there is more to the story than is often told.
We are living longer – on average 34 years longer than our great-grandparents did. Not only that, but we are thriving longer too. Older adults are more active today than any previous generation. And yet, our society has not fully come to terms with what that means. We still talk about aging as an illness. Phrases like “I've fallen and I can't get up” continue to reinforce this idea that growing older means losing independence.

We are here to change that.

We want to inspire confidence in aging – not sensationalize it. Over the last few years we have been developing a wearable device for older adults that balances style, simplicity, wellness, and safety.
That is why we are here. We're a team of dreamers and builders. But more importantly, we're sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandkids of people that mean the world to us. We're on a mission to improve their lives and help keep them safe and connected.
In the coming weeks we'll be sharing new product information, as well as special offers and early access to our pre-sale. Thanks for inviting us to join you on this journey.

We are excited to share it with you.

Dan Josebachvili, Founder and CEO

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