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Martha Stewart and Silvertree

June 6, 2023

Martha Stewart and Silvertree
At Silvertree we believe in building products that inspire older adults and their loved ones to live their lives with confidence.
Confidence keeps us active, inspires creativity, keeps us engaged with our community, and encourages us to look forward to the future.  When we look forward without fear, we live successfully.
No one exudes that confidence and fearlessness more than Martha Stewart.  As a home and lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, and most recently Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, we admire her ability to always be moving forward and living successfully.
That is why we are so thrilled to announce our partnership with Martha today.  She has become a trusted advisor to us behind-the-scenes and now we can’t wait to bring her to the forefront to introduce you to the Silvertree Reach.  
“For me, it’s all about living well and living successfully.
I’ve tried other safety devices, but nothing compares to what Silvertree is able to offer with the Reach. Over the past few months, the product has truly become a part of me. Whether I’m horseback riding, at pilates, or whipping up a soufflé in the kitchen, the Silvertree Reach has everything I need to ensure I’m able to live life to the fullest. The best part? The sleek, simple design ensures I don’t have to compromise on style.
- Martha Stewart
We had the pleasure of capturing this video at Martha’s home to showcase how she is using the Silvertree Reach in her everyday life.
Martha Stewart isn’t afraid of anything—and we’re proud to be the reason why. Because Silvertree Reach gives active, older adults the independence they need to live gracefully, while giving their loved ones the peace-of-mind they deserve.