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Introducing the Silvertree Reach

April 25, 2023

Man with Silvertree Reach
No matter our age, we all want to feel secure, confident, and connected. Yet as we get older those ideals can feel harder to attain. At Silvertree, we believe that everyone should be able to navigate through life with confidence and independence. That's why we are thrilled to introduce the Silvertree Reach, a simple wearable device that promotes safety, wellness, and connectivity to loved ones without compromise.
The Silvertree Reach is more than just another emergency button that screams ‘I need help.’ It has been built to address the unique needs of today's active older adults. The Reach is a discreet, wrist-worn wearable that seamlessly integrates into everyday routines, balancing safety and connectivity with style and practicality. Unlike other products in this category, every Reach comes fully equipped with fall detection, a 24/7 call center, real-time location safety, and a battery that lasts weeks - not hours. No more clinical looking hardware. No more up-charging for features. No more fear. No more stigma.
We have re-imagined what personal safety looks like. With its intuitive design and intentionally crafted features, the Silvertree Reach is purpose-built to meet people where they are in life – not where the old paradigm of aging expects them to be. In our view, that is what aging successfully looks like.
As we begin this next chapter in our company's journey, we remain committed to our mission of inspiring confidence and independence for older adults and their families. We have always believed that our product would have a meaningful impact on the lives of our users. Today, we get to see that come to fruition. Thank you to the amazing team at Silvertree, our investors, our partners, and our product testers. Without your continued support and contributions, we would not be where we are today.
Welcome to Silvertree - we can't wait to meet you.
Dan Josebachvili, Founder and CEO