Live independently with confidence.

The advanced safety and wellness features of the Silvertree Reach allow you to live your life your way — connected and carefree.
  • One-touch emergency notifications to your loved ones.
  • Nationwide GPS location service to help in an emergency.
  • Fall detection alerts sent to loved ones in case of a hard fall.
  • App connectivity shares info with loved ones when needed.
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Intuitive features that keep generations connected.

  • bell

    Fall detection alerts.

    Automatic notifications sent to your chosen Care Team when a hard fall is detected.

  • Clock

    Locked on location.

    Harness the power of GPS for quick, real-time location information.

  • medical icon

    Single button simplicity.

    Notify your Care Team of an emergency at the push of a button.

  • product icon

    Thoughtful connections.

    Feel close to your loved ones with the comfort of a virtual hug, no matter the distance.

  • battery

    Keep moving.

    Stay inspired to reach your goals with real-time step counting and a battery life that will keep you moving for up to 14 days without a recharge.

  • Lock

    Vital records at the ready.

    A connected app and a digital medical ID gives secure access to medical information in an emergency.

How it works


Setup your Silvertree profile.

Follow the simple prompts to complete the setup of your Silvertree Reach profile.


Put on your Silvertree Reach and go about your life.

Once you’ve completed your profile, stay inspired to live an active life with personal goal setting and the comfort of always being connected.


Let your Silvertree Reach take it from here.

Silvertree Reach will send any fall reports and notifications created by your activities to your chosen Care Team contacts.

Man opening the door

Develop an emergency response plan.

We recommend coordinating a response plan among your Care Team to act on whenever the safety functions of your Silvertree Reach are triggered.

Get your Silvertree Reach and get out there.

Buying a new Silvertree Reach is as easy as using it.