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Silvertree Reach Dark
Silvertree Reach Light with dock
Silvertree Reach Dark with dock
Silvertree Reach Light sitting on a book and desk
Silvertree Reach Dark sitting on a desk

Introducing Silvertree Reach

The modern wearable for active older adults.


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Available subscription plan:

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You can only select one subscription plan per order.

Subscription features include:

  • One-touch emergency notifications to your loved ones.

  • Nationwide GPS location service to help in an emergency.

  • Fall detection alerts sent to loved ones in case of a hard fall.

  • App connectivity shares info with loved ones when needed.

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Woman reading though recipe book while wearing her Silvertree Reach
Men Playing pickleball
Women with Silvertree Reach Dark opening water bottle
Man and woman doing yoga with their Silvertree Reach
Man seeing his status on his Silvertree Reach
Woman wearing Silvertree Reach and reading a book
Man and daughter discuss Silvertree Reach
Man playing the piano while wearing his Silvertree Reach
Woman reading though recipe book while wearing her Silvertree Reach
Men Playing pickleball

Intuitive features that keep generations connected.

Notification Bell

Fall detection alerts

Automatic notifications sent to the assigned Care Team when a hard fall is detected.

clock icon

Locked on location

Harness the power of GPS for quick, real-time location information.

Health Icon

Single button simplicity

Emergency notifications delivered to the Care Team at the push of a button.

Reach Icon

Thoughtful connections.

Feel close to your loved ones with the comfort of a virtual hug, no matter the distance.

Battery Icon

Keep moving.

Achieve activity goals with real-time step counting and a battery life that will keep going for up to a month without a recharge.

Lock Icon

Vital records at the ready.

A connected app and a digital medical ID gives secure access to medical information in an emergency.

How it works


Setup your Silvertree profile.

Simple prompts for you and your loved one to follow to complete the setup of your Silvertree profiles.

Signing up to Reach

Have confidence they can live independently.

Once your loved one has an active profile, you can feel comfort knowing they have an easy way to get in touch should they ever need help.

Man playing Pickleball

Let your Silvertree Reach take it from here.

Silvertree Reach will send any fall reports and notifications to your loved one’s designated Care Team contacts whenever the Silvertree Reach alerts are triggered.

Man with Reach opening door and receiving an alert

Develop an emergency response plan.

We recommend coordinating a response plan among your loved one’s Care Team to act on whenever the safety functions of the Silvertree Reach are triggered.

Two people talking around Reach Device

Built to keep you connected.


  • Soft silicone strap
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Engineered plastic housing

    Event Monitoring

  • Fall alerts
  • Step counting
  • Emergency alerts


  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Barometer

    Device Specs

  • Body size: 40mm x 250mm x 10mm
  • Device weight: 40 grams
  • Waterproof rating: IP57
  • Battery Life: Up to 14 days


  • iOS & Android
  • LTE-CAT1 B13
  • WiFi 802.11b
  • BLE 802.15

    Included Accessories

  • Charging dock
  • Power supply
  • USB-C power cable

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Reach waterproof?

The Reach is designed to be IP57 rated which means light water spray and quick submersions. This means showers, sweat from exercise and rainfall are all covered.

Is there a microphone or speaker in the Reach?

No, there are no microphones or speakers in the Reach.

How long does the Reach last on a single charge?

The Reach will last 14 days under typical usage.

Are the watch straps interchangeable?

No, the watch straps are not replaceable or interchangeable.

Can I add multiple Care Partners to my mobile app?

Yes, you can add multiple Care Partners to your account.

Will the Reach fit my wrist?

The Reach has an adjustable strap. Like a classic watch band, it is ‘one size fits most.’


I live outside the US, can I purchase a Silvertree Reach?

No, the Silvertree Reach is currently only available for purchase in the US.

What comes in the box?

The box contains the Reach, charging dock, charging cable, and power adapter.


Does the app work on iOS and Android?

Yes, both iOS and Android mobile phones are supported.

Can I use the Silvertree Reach if I don't have a smart phone?

Yes, the device will rely on LTE connection and battery life will be reduced.


Can I use the Reach without a subscription?

No, the subscription is required to enable always-on connection.

What is the warranty of the Reach?

Every Silvertree Reach has a one-year product warranty from the purchase date.