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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Reach waterproof?

The Reach is designed to be IP57 rated which means light water spray and quick submersions. This means showers, sweat from exercise and rainfall are all covered.

Is there a microphone or speaker in the Reach?

No, there are no microphones or speakers in the Reach.

How long does the Reach last on a single charge?

The Reach will last 14 days under typical usage.

Are the watch straps interchangeable?

No, the watch straps are not replaceable or interchangeable.

Can I add multiple Care Partners to my mobile app?

Yes, you can add multiple Care Partners to your account.

Will the Reach fit my wrist?

The Reach has an adjustable strap. Like a classic watch band, it is ‘one size fits most.’


I live outside the US, can I purchase a Silvertree Reach?

No, the Silvertree Reach is currently only available for purchase in the US.

What comes in the box?

The box contains the Reach, charging dock, charging cable, and power adapter.


Does the app work on iOS and Android?

Yes, both iOS and Android mobile phones are supported.

Can I use the Silvertree Reach if I don't have a smart phone?

Yes, the device will rely on LTE connection and battery life will be reduced.


Can I use the Reach without a subscription?

No, the subscription is required to enable always-on connection.

What is the warranty of the Reach?

Every Silvertree Reach has a one-year product warranty from the purchase date.